What simple things that are important to kids

What sort of things are important for most for children? Even though everyone has been a child at one point, parents find that this
question is a vexing one. Too many parents these days try to buy their kid’s affections with things, drives to school and band
practice, and lax discipline. According to Erin Kurt, writing in Lifehack, the thing that kids value most is the knowledge that parents believe they matter and love them.


Expressions of love include quality time, a precious commodity in the modern world when both parents work. A parent can help
validate his or her child immensely by helping him or her with homework, reading to them, or even watching a favorite TV show


Kids also value discipline and the setting of boundaries. This may be a counterintuitive thing to say, since imposing rules can
often lead to conflict and short-term hurt feelings from your child. But, perhaps subconsciously, your child appreciates that you
care about them enough to keep a tight leash on them. They will certainly appreciate parental discipline in later life when they
realize that it helped build their character, which will serve them in good stead.


Listening is something else that means a lot to a kid. The concerns and opinions of a child may seem trivial to an adult. But kids
appreciate being taken seriously and being guided by the superior experience and (hopefully) wisdom of a parent. The world can
be a scary place at times, so a little reassurance goes a long way as well.
To sum up, kids value being paid attention to. That is your number one job as a patent, molding a little person into a full-grown

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