Children Singing – Encouragement Improves Development

Children singing and music plays an important role in children’s development.  Children are exposed to music from their earliest stage of development.  Research shows that encouraging your child to sing can help support their learning and emotional development.  There are several ways you can teach and encourage your child to sing to help their development.

How Singing Improves Development

The process of singing helps a child learn a positive way to express their emotions.  It increases their ability to communicate and exercises their lip and tongue coordination.  One benefit of singing is in the repetition of song lyrics because it helps them learn to use their “memory muscle.”  You can use singing as a way to aid the process of memory because children will embed information more rapidly when it’s attached to a tune.  Do you remember singing the alphabet song?

Singing continues to have an influence on children’s development as they get older.  For example, Matthew Freeman developed the national singing program “Sing Up,” which is used to incorporate music in children’s education.  Through this program, singing was found to be an excellent tool for teaching.  It is a creative and fun way to learn academic subjects.  Singing also improves social skills by singing with others.

Tips to Encouraging Children Singing

  • Modeling – Children with people around them that model singing will increase the likelihood of singing.  The singing doesn’t necessarily need to be stellar to be effective.  Children singing with others will increase their confidence in their own singing as they model their behavior after others that sing.
  • Mimicking – Young children are primed for mimicking things they hear.  If they hear humming, they will mimic the sound.  Making different sounds encourage their mimicking behaviors will help them learn to have an ear for melodies.
  • Rhythm – Encouraging the child to clap along to a beat will improve their recognition of sound patterns.
  • Repetition – Sing songs over and over to help them gain confidence.  Find out the songs they are singing in school, church, or theme songs from their favorite shows, and sing them with the child.  You likely will be surprised at how quickly your child learns new songs.
  • Confidence – Let the child be heard and give them praise to encourage confidence building.  Confidence will make them want to sing more, and the more they sing, the better they will get.  The better they become at singing, the more their development in all areas tied to singing will grow.  It becomes a cycle of learning, growing, gaining confidence, and learning and growing further.
  • Fun – Making singing a great time where everyone has fun.  Sing silly songs or sing-song silly, like pretending to sing an opera song.  Dance around, smile, and just let yourself enjoy singing and so will your child!

Singing can ignite so many areas of development for your child.  It helps their mind and body learn to work in sync.  In giving them confidence, it helps them learn to manage their emotions and improves their social and intellectual abilities.  Have fun encouraging children to sing and dance today!



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