Is Your Child Prepared for Preschool? Ask Yourself These Questions

Is your child ready for preschool? It seems like a simple question. After all, at a certain age, you would think they’re ready. However, readiness for preschool goes beyond just age. There are several factors to consider. Here’s how you can tell if your child is ready to take the next step.

Does Your Child Meet the School’s Requirements?

Outside of anything else, you must ascertain if your child meets the requirements to enroll in the preschool of your choice. These requirements can vary from school to school. In general, you will find a few similar requirements that your child must meet.

  • Is your child the correct age, or within the correct age range?
  • Do you have all the proper identification and documentation for enrollment?
  • Have you registered your child in time?
  • Does your child have the required vaccinations?

It’s easy to miss a due date for something or other, then find out your child cannot enroll. Preschools also tend to adhere to many of the following preparedness items.

Is Your Child in Good Active Health?

Preschool consists of a lot of activity and play. Your child will need to keep up with the activities as well as with the other children. If your child is less active at home, you may want to start getting them more involved with physical activity to build up their stamina for preschool.

Can Your Child Work Well With Others?

If your child has a propensity towards fighting, biting, scratching or throwing things, then you may want to keep them away from preschool for a little while longer. It’s true that any kid can display these sorts of behaviors. However, if your child does these things often it can cause problems for both them and you once they enter preschool.

Is Your Child Prepared to Be Away From You?

Separation anxiety will almost certainly occur for both you and your child. It’s understandable that it will happen, but you must instill in your child a sense of independence so it doesn’t become an issue over time.

A good way to build up that independence is to try leaving your child with a relative or babysitter now and then, if possible. In addition, try to set your child to tasks they can perform on their own to build up independence.

Can Your Child Listen To and Follow Directions?

It’s essential that your child has the ability to listen to adults and follow directions. These are the types of things that preschool reinforces, but your child should come to school with some degree of listening skills.

Can Your Child Use the Potty?

Some preschools require children have the ability to use the bathroom properly before they can attend. Does your child is having difficulties with using the bathroom or knowing when they should use the bathroom? You may want to keep them from preschool until they can.

Are You Ready?

One thing that can keep your child out of preschool is you. Many parents suffer from the idea of giving their child up for a full or partial day with other people who are not even family members. Parents also suffer from separation anxiety just as much as their children might.

Most preschools allow or even require you to come in and meet all the faculty members before your child attends. In addition, you will likely stay in direct contact with the teacher or teacher’s aide.

Keep in mind that preschool is not a necessity, but it can help a lot with your child’s growth and development. Make sure that both you and your child are prepared for it. If you’re not prepared, work on making your child prepared. All the requirements of a preschool are requirements your child will need going forward, even if they do not attend.



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