Best Gender Neutral Toys

Traditionally, dolls have been for girls and toy cars have been for boys. Nobody has complained about it. But in these changing times, kids do not care what they get as long as they enjoy playing with it. More and more little girls are playing with action figures, toy cars, and logos while little boys are starting to be okay with playing with dolls and dress-up. With these changes catching up with the times, this calls for shopping around for gender neutral toys that all children will enjoy. Here are five toys that boys and girls will enjoy.

Art Supplies

For a long time, children have always loved to color and make pretty pictures for their parents and relatives. Why not let your little artist have a fun time with their imaginations with art supplies? They will dive into their creative worlds with crayons, markers, clay, and glitter. Not only will they pass the time with their artwork, they will grow and develop with their creativity.


This is a classic toy for both genders. Everyone from children to adults has played with legos at least once in their life. Kids of both genders and all ages will never get tired of them. Just like simple art supplies like markers and clay, Legos will let a child’s imagination run free with whatever they build. The best part is that if they like what they have created, the children can take it apart and make something else.


Everyone loves a challenge. Growing minds are no exception to this. Give your kids something to do on a rainy day. Each piece will bring your child closer to satisfaction of putting a puzzle together for the final picture. Just like Legos, they can take the puzzle apart and put it back together again and again. Puzzles can range from easy to difficult depending on how many pieces they come in the box.


Are your children not impressed with dolls? Try puppets. Your children will be happy to put on a show with these soft little friends. They can spend hours giving the puppets of their choice a name, personality, and a back story. Plus, puppets can help with social interaction. Shy children can learn how to interact and communicate with other children their age through their soft friends.

Board Games

Board games are another way to pass the time. The whole family can get in on them. Board games can help build teamwork and give children a competitive spirit. Some can even deliver a much-needed challenge to help develop their brains. Parents can use these games as a teaching opportunity for lessons like how to solve a conflict. If it goes well, children will learn how to solve their differences without adults trying to interfere.




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